Site-Specific Street Interventions by Ernest Zacharevic

Image ernest-2.jpg

Interacting with the urban architecture of international cities he visits, street artist Ernest Zacharevic (previously here and here ) playfully intervenes with structures of both large and small scale. These site-specific works often feature children— either climbing buildings or playing make-believe with abandoned tractors, paper boats, and rusted piping. Zacharevic’s latest interventions have taken him across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, making stops in Iceland, Norway, and Poland.

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New Olympic Athletes Crafted from Layered Paper by Raya Sader Bujana

Image paper-2.jpg

Barcelona-based artist and set designer Raya Sader Bujana ( previously ) continues to explore sports through paper in her ongoing series of paper athlete sculptures that celebrate a wide range of popular sports.

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VW Cars Compressed into Perfect Spheres and Cubes by Ichwan Noor

Image vw-2.jpg

Photo © Sharon Pittaway Indonesian sculptor Ichwan Noor ( previously ) takes the iconic components of vintage VW vehicles and warps them into perfect spheres and cubes. The large-scale sculptures leave the uncanny impression of being instantly recognizable, yet leaving you wondering just how the artist constructed them. It’s the immediate familiarity that initially attracted Noor to using the cars as a medium in the first place

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Elaborate Hand-Painted Persian Carpets by Jason Seife

Image jason-7.jpg

In this new series of paintings, Miami-based artist Jason Seife deftly renders the intricate patterns of old Persian carpets with a mixture of acrylic and ink. While the paintings utilize familiar motifs in rug design like leaves and geometric shapes, Seife introduces colors not normally associated with the heavy textiles, creating his own interpretations that reflect his mood or thoughts while executing the painting

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New Surreal Oil Paintings That Subvert Vintage Vacation Photos and Historical Landscapes by Paco Pomet

Image PacoPomet_01.jpg

“Adam’s Office” (2016), oil on canvas, 120 x 160 cm Spanish artist Paco Pomet ( previously ) references the appearance of vintage vacation photos and vast historical landscapes in his surreal oil paintings, works that offer a subtle humor from their often grayscale palette.

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This Incredible Wooden Book Is a Series of Puzzles That Have to Be Solved to Continue Reading

Image puzzle-1.jpg

Merging two of the ultimate pastimes—books and puzzles—the Codex Silenda has to be physically solved in order to read it. And no, these aren’t simple word games and math problems, but rather deviously complicated mechanical puzzles crafted from laser-cut wood that are embedded within each part of this 5-page book

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Production Studio Cooks Up Series of Stop-Motion Paper Meals

PAPERMEALS is an ongoing series of culinary animations by Melbourne-based production studio yelldesign . Each brief clips sees a variety of papers turned into banana splits, bowls of ramen, or even a plate of pasta with meatballs.

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JR Installs Giant Athletes Interacting With the City of Rio

Image jr-2.jpg

French artist JR just unveiled two new works in Rio ahead of the 2016 Olympics that depict enormous athletes interacting with the city. The first depicts Cologne-based, Sudanese high jumper Mohamed Younes Idriss hurdling over a 25-story apartment complex in city’s center. “He missed out on qualification for the 2016 Rio Olympics but he is there somehow,” says JR.

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Prismatic Paintings Produced From Refracted Light by Stephen Knapp

Image StephenKnapp_06.jpg

Stephen Knapp  has been making work that is transformed by light for over thirty years, producing vibrant light installations he refers to as paintings. These large-scale works utilize minimal tools, harnessing simply light and dichroic glass to throw a multitude of colors against the walls and room. The installations are not sketched out beforehand or programmed by computer, but rather created during the installation process as Knapp moves intuitively to choreograph his intricate light patterns.

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Pirate Printers: Shirts and Totes Printed Directly on Urban Utility Covers

Image pirates-1.jpg

Using public street fixtures as printing elements, the artist collective behind Berlin-based Raubdruckerin (pirate printer) produces shirts and bags imprinted with manhole covers, vents, and utility grates.

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